Deku Scrubs

Deku Scrubs are a common sight throughout Hyrule. Some are kind, but others are malicious. The less-friendly Scrubs have been known to fire Deku Seeds at innocent passers-by. In the land of Termina, Deku Scrubs have flourished and enjoy the benefits of an organised civilisation.



Fairies have always been a common sight throughout Hyrule. Though not always visible, they inhabit every last corner of the Hyrulean landscape. Fairies are known for their kindness, and they are particularly respected for the much-needed help they were able to give to Link during his times of need.





The Gerudo warriors are primarily made up of beautiful women highly trained in the art of war. The only man ever allowed into their ranks was Ganondorf, who permanently soured the Gerudo's opinion of men. In Hyrule, the Gerudo make their home in the desert. In Termina, the reclusive race lives near the water.




Generally, the Gorons are a peaceful race who enjoy relaxation. They spend their time mining rocks, which serve as their primary source of food. Gorons can travel very quickly by rolling themselves into balls, but they prefer to sit around a fire and dance and sing. Gorons have cultivated structured civilizations in Hyrule as well as Termina.


Hylians are an elf-like race of people who first established an ordered civilisation in Hyrule. Famous Hylians include Princess Zelda and Link. The Hylians' long, sculpted ears enable them to hear special messages. As the chosen people, they are also given unique psychic and magical abilities. 

Traditional Hyrulean dress is simple and functional. Men wear leather jerkins at the waist, and women slip into straight, ankle-length gowns. Although simple of design, Hyrulean dresses and tunics are often embellished with brightly coloured, hand-stitched borders that make them look almost festive. 

When working outside, Hylian men often wear broad-brimmed hats that protect them from sun and rain. Also, the men always wear sturdy, cuffed leather boots that reach to the knees. For the women, artisans craft delicate golden earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Images of Hyrulean legends are often included in the design.

Kokiri Children

The children of the Kokiri Forest were many, living under the protection of their guardian fairies and the Great Deku Tree. Most Kokiri, such as Saria, were friends to Link. Unfortunately, all of the Kokiri Children were forced to endure the bully, Mido, who never hesitated to tease Link, the only boy without a fairy. As long as the Kokiri Children stayed in the forest, they would never grow old.





The Koroks are a plant-like race which make their home in the Forest Haven region of the Great Sea.




Despite their size, this race of tiny folk (also known as Picori) helped Link to repair the Broken Picori Sword and eventually to overthrow the Wind Mage Vaati. It is said that they can only be seen by children.



Moblins, or "Molblins" as they've come to be called recently, are piggish brutes who attack with swords and care only about food and Rupees. Ganondorf (and Ganon) frequently hired bands of Moblin mercenaries to seek out and destroy Link.




Native to Koholint Island, Pairodds are stocky bird-like creatures with sharp bills. They use a magical power to teleport themselves from one place to another, which makes them excellent hunters.




Certainly related to the Gerudo in Hyrule, the Pirates are a band of women warriors who inhabit Termina's Great Bay Coast.


The bird-like Rito civilization makes its home on Dragon Roost Island in the Great Sea.






Sheikah are the trusted protectors of the Triforce and Hyrule’s Royal Family, but were virtually wiped out by war. Impa is the only remaining member of the race.







A mysterious race of hooded creatures that inhabit the volcanic underworld of Subrosia. When not making metalwork, their favourite pastimes are lava-bathing and treasure-hunting.




Link discovered the Tokay race on one of Labrynna's most remote islands. These reptilian creatures have an uncanny knack for skillful bartering, and a typically friendly disposition.



Tribe of the Winds

A sky-dwelling race that Link first came across when he conquered the Fortress of Winds.


When the Goddesses created Hyrule, they blessed Zora's Fountain and eventually the fish which swam in its water evolved into the Zoras we know today. They are humanoid in form, but the Zoras can survive both underwater and on land. Led by their King, the Zoras are peaceful creatures who enjoy music and sports.