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Mario Power-Ups

Mario is great at leaping into action but he has a whole host of power-ups to help him beat the bad guys too. Power-Ups are special abilities Mario gets, usually by collecting or touching objects during his adventures. They often only last a short time, so he has to make the most of them.

Find out all about some of Mario's most famous – and funny – power-ups below!
Mega Mushroom
Become gigantic and crush the opposition! Nothing’s a problem with the Mega Mushroom – just stomp your way through the land!
Double Cherry
This tasty treat makes an exact copy of Mario, movements and all. Can you handle two Marios at once? Or how about three, or four, or five…?
Fire Flower
Pick up a Fire Flower and unleash an inferno on your enemies! Hurl fireballs to burn your way through any situation!
Super Leaf
Become Tanooki Mario to add an extra flutter to your jumps and flick your tail to swat away threats!
Super Bell
Turn into a cat and clamber up walls, swipe at enemies and scamper to the top of Goal Poles!
Boomerang Flower
Make like a Boomerang Bro. – pick up this flower to slip into a shell and attack far away foes!
Cannon Box
Pop this box on your bonce and destroy anything in your path with a stream of cannonballs!
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