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Coursebot is here to help you manage the courses you've saved. Courses created by other users appear with , and courses you've uploaded are marked with . Coursebot is a clever fellow, so he can remember up to 120 courses at once!

  • Edit
    Load a saved course to make changes.
    Play through a course.
  • Upload
    Upload a course to share it with other users.
    Change Name
    Change the name of a course. This will allow you to upload it as a new course.
  • Delete
    Delete a course from Coursebot's memory.

    ◆ To delete a course from the server after you've uploaded it, select "Uploaded Courses" from your own User Info page.

Please be aware that once you save over a course or delete it, the previous data cannot be recovered. When saving changes or deleting courses, you should be very careful to avoid losing data!

Switching Panels

Touch the button in the top left () to switch between panels.

  • My Courses
    This panel shows courses you have created or downloaded.
    Sample Courses
    This panel includes sample courses, such as those you have cleared in 10 Mario Challenge.

    ◆ You can't upload courses created by editing sample courses.

Adjusting Courses

Once you've saved a few courses, get experimenting!

  • Making Worlds
    If you save four courses on one row, they'll form a world, and you can play them as a set by touching .
    Moving Courses
    If you touch and hold one of your courses, you can drag it to a different slot.


Change various settings.

  • Controls
    Change the buttons used to make Mario dash and jump.
    Important Information about Uploading Courses
    Shows important information that you should read before uploading courses.
  • GamePad 3D Audio
    Lets you use the speakers on the Wii U GamePad to create a 3D audio experience, making it sound as though things are happening right next to you.

    ◆ If the GamePad Sound Output Type is set to Mono in System Settings on the Wii U Menu, the GamePad 3D Audio feature will not function.

    Notifications to
    Course Creators
    If this is activated, a notification will automatically be sent to the course creator:
    • ● When you play a course
    • ● When you star a course

    ◆ Even if you choose not to send notifications, your play data will be published as part of the course history.

  • Notifications About
    My Own Courses
    When other users play courses you created, popups will appear to let you know:
    • ● When someone plays one of your courses
    • ● When someone stars one of your courses

    ◆ Even if you choose not to display notifications in real-time, you can always check them later from the main menu.